Bellaire is a French surname, a variant spelling of Belaire meaning “lovely manner” or “lovely demeanor”, a nickname for someone who has pleasant manners, made up of French bel(le) “nice, fair; handsome, fine, attractive” and aire (manner, demeanor). Usage: French, English Variants: Belaire (French) Belleaire (French)   Continue reading Bellaire


Speagle is an Americanized spelling of Spiegel, a German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname, a metonymic occupational name for someone who made or sold mirrors. It comes from Middle High German spiegel (mirror) from Latin speculum (mirror; looking-glass). Usage: English Variants: Spiegel (German, Ashkenazic Jewish) Spiegler (German, Ashkenazic Jewish) Speigle (English) Speegle (English)   Continue reading Speagle


Mitchell comes from an English and French surname which comes from the given name Michael meaning “who is like God?”, a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God. It could also be derived from Old English michel or mechel/muchel meaning “big”, originally a nickname for a big man. Mitchell has also been used as the Anglicized form of Irish … Continue reading Mitchell


Hardwick is an English surname, originally a locational name for someone who came from a town or village called Hardwick. The name is composed of Old English elements heord (herd) and wīc (settlement, village), which may have referred to a place where herds of sheep were pastured. Hardwick could also be a variant spelling of Hartwick, itself possibly be … Continue reading Hardwick


Frobisher is an English surname which originated as an occupational name for someone who furbished or scoured armor. The origin of the name comes from French fourbisseur “furbisher (of weapons)”. Usage: English Variants: Furber Ferber Forber Forbear Frobysher   Continue reading Frobisher


Darby is an English surname derived from a place name. It’s made up frm Old Norse djúr (deer) and býr (settlement, farm) meaning “deer settlement” or “deer farm”.  Usage: English Variants: Derby (English)   Continue reading Darby


Jasper is a North German and English surname; as a German surname it’s a variant of the given name Kaspar, itself the German form of Jasper which seems to be derived from a Persian origin meaning “treasurer” or “treasure-bearer”. It was the name given to the Three Magi who visited the newborn Jesus Christ. As an English surname, it originates … Continue reading Jasper