Harrington is an English surname, a locational name for someone who came from any of several places called Harrington. The second element comes from Old English tun (settlement, enclosure) while the first element has several possible meanings: it could be derived from Old English hæfer meaning “he-goat; buck”; it could also be derived from Hæring, an Old English … Continue reading Harrington


Jackson come from a patronymic surname meaning “son of Jack”, Jack originating as an English medieval diminutive of John which comes from Hebrew meaning “Yahweh is gracious”. Jackson has also been used as a male given name. Usage: English, Scottish, Irish Variants: Jaxon Jacson   Continue reading Jackson


Caruso is an Italian surname meaning “close-cropped” used to refer to someone who had shorn or close-cut hair. Caruso also means “boy” or “young man”. In Sicily, Caruso was used as an occupational name for those who worked in the sulfur pits, since apparently they needed to wear their hair short. Usage: Italian   Continue reading Caruso


Thatcher is an English surname, an occupational name for a thatcher, someone who covered roofs with straw. Usage: English Variants: Thacher Thacker Thaxter (this is actually the feminine form of Thatcher, used to refer to a female thatcher) Thackster (English)   Continue reading Thatcher


Drinkwater is an English surname meaning, obviously, “drink water”. It originated as a nickname, apparently because in the Middle Ages weak ale was a universal beverage among the poorer classes and so cheap enough to be drunk like water. It may have also been given ironically to a teetotaler, or someone too poor to too … Continue reading Drinkwater


Lincoln is an English surname which derives from a place name in England, Lincolnshire. It comes from Brythonic *lindo meaning “pool, lake” combined with Latin colonia “colony” from colōnus (farmer; colonist) derived from PIE *kʷel- (to move; to turn around), essentially referring to a colony by the water. Lincoln has also been used as a given name. Usage: English   Continue reading Lincoln